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WASHI Echizen Paper

Echizen Paper(Echizen, Fukui)
~The Birthplace of a 15-century Tradition in Paper~

Echizen paper uses only select, natural materials
to create paper that holds both resilience and beauty.

Of the handful of producers of traditional Japanese paper,
Echizen is the oldest. The area is unsuited to agriculture,
and according to a legend nearly 1,500 years old, a princess now revered as the goddess of paper
as the goddess of paper making taught the local people how to make paper,
turning what was once a mere village into the nation’s largest producer of paper.
No one can match their variety and quality.
Traditionally-made Echizen paper has earned the love of countless artists
for its durability and coloring, including Taikan Yokoyama, Ikuo Hirayama,
and 20th-century master Pablo Picasso.
Iori uses Echizen paper in its screens and on its alcove walls.

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