A world of Japanese aesthetics
and tradition distilled
into a 2.84m2 space.

Width: 2.84m / Depth: 2.84m
These traditional dimensions are called “Yojohan” in Japanese,
and have been used for tea rooms and more for centuries.
Iori provides the ready-to-build traditional space that is crafted from premium selected materials
from Japan and techniques honed by artisans over generations.
Slip off your shoes and step inside, where you will be welcome by the scent of Kashimo cypress.
Relish the surrounding light gently filtered by Echizen paper and feel its 1500 years of history.

A world of Japanese aesthetics and tradition is only a few steps away. 



Carefully selected materials

Kashimo Cypress used in The Grand Shrine of Ise. Echizen Washi Paper with a 1500-year heritage.
Kanazawa fittings born from the skill of artisans.
Materials carefully selected from all over Japan are combined to create "Iori".



Kashimo Cypress



Echizen Washi



Kanazawa fittings born


Contribution to the environment.

Forest thinning is important to save the endangered forests of Japan.
Forest thinning is promoted as more attractive goods are produced from the timber of forest thinnings.
"Iori" was born from this concept.


Product Designer

Architect Sakae Kitabata

First-Class Architect, President of the Kitabata Sakae Architect Atelier

Experienced in a wide range of design, from large-scale commercial facilities,
to housing complexes and landscaping. Has planned a large number of
personal residences in a modern Japanese style that has received broad acclaim
and earned multiple awards.

Architecture evolves with the needs of the time, but as industrial goods become more and more common,
production requiring no skills is becoming the norm, which has led to the complete devastation of many
old local industries.I share a birthplace with Echizen paper, and spent my youth surrounded by lush nature and
superb traditional handcrafts. Unfortunately, the vivacity of the town has drained away, and the
future casts a grim shadow over the area.
Delicate techniques passed down through generations of artisans will not be easy to retrieve once lost.
The same is true of the forests. Japan is a verdant country, and forests cover nearly 70% of the land,
yet it relies almost entirely on timber imported from countries whose ecosystems are being devastated.
The Iori was designed to help combat these issues.
In order to ensure a bright future for tradition, you must understand its value and discover new
possibilities. Industrialization has stripped artisans of their place in society, but the fact remains that
Japanese craftsmanship is second to none.
The Iori uses metal developed for use in housing. Employing it makes the final product stronger and more
convenient, and greatly reduces assembly time. I believe that combining technology and traditional
culture into something beautiful will lead to a rebirth in our shrinking forests, techniques, and
communities. Arriving at a final product that is both high-quality and easy to ship took repeated trial and
error, but at last we can provide the distinct personality and beauty of Japanese cypress in a space that
will please all five senses.


Product Summary

Includes frame, shoji, floor, and tatami. Many variations are available for each part.
Your own special "Iori" can be created through a combination of these varied components.

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