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TATEGU Kanazawa Fittings

Kanazawa Fittings (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)
~The Essence of Uncompromising Artisans~

Kanazawa has been spared from the fires of war and natural disaster,
and retains old buildings and streets similar to those of Kyoto,
which has given the area the nickname “Little Kyoto”.
While the spread of industry and tools has made manufactured housing common,
and many workers rely on power tools entirely, in Kanazawa,
where maintaining and repairing old homes and historical buildings are everyday responsibilities,
there are a lot of skilled hands trained in delicate methods passed down for generations.
One of their most important tools, used for finishing wood surfaces, is the kanna, or Japanese plane.
The kanna is said to take at least ten years of practice to use properly, but as the decades go by,
there is a world of difference between wood that has been finished by the skilled of a plane
and wood that has been sandpapered.
Every part of the Iori is made by artisans who are truly devoted to their crafts.

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  • TATEGU Kanazawa Fittings

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